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REACH takes the time to develop sustainable revenue programs by delivering loyalty proven fundraising techniques to local businesses. 

Community participation is the key to supporting the local Schools, Non-Profits & Organizations in need of on-going revenues. 

Our dedicated professionals work directly with local businesses and media building loyal support for all in need.

What We Do


Identify the needs, Recommend solutions, Implement services & then execute the program.

How Do We Get Started


Schedule a meeting with a REACH Professional by emailing


Alliance Partners

Auction Fun


Set up your own auction site to create a fun & exciting way to receive revenues from supporters bidding year round.

Custom Programs & Magazines


 Ron Brent Publishing offers a suite of custom publishing services. We  offer custom design and layout, custom photography and text as well as  high quality in-house publishing. 

Discounts and Savings


 SaveAround® helps schools and community  groups raise millions of dollars every year. In addition to our  exclusive coupon books, your SaveAround® fundraiser includes a mobile  app and  printable coupons, all-in-one. 

Online Video


Need help with video on your website, or help with compliance for your video with the ADA for the hearing impaired?  The folks at Bizideo are expert in all things video on the web.

Gourmet Frozen Foods


Clubs Choice products are manufactured and delivered directly to the location of choice throughout the United States

Cash Back


You are the boss with Shopping Boss. 

Go shopping at some of your favorite retail stores and restaurants then receive cash back on your purchases.

Non Profit of the Month

Every month we receive recommended non profit organizations to support. 100% of funds received are given to the Non Profit.

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REACH Fundraising LLC


Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

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