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A Complete Fundraising Program For The Whole Community

About Community Loyalty Rewards


Loyalty Programs shouldn't be just a way to save money with coupons. 

Loyalty programs should bring customers and business closer together 

in the community, and that’s exactly what Community Loyalty Rewards

will do for you!


Reach Fundraising understands that today's customers can get overwhelmed with offers, deals, and coupons, and many of them don’t look twice. That is why we created  Community Loyalty Rewards.  With our unique way of engaging your customers, we will reach, engage and involve them in new ways!

Reach Fundraising's Community Loyalty Rewards Program is made up of the following components that work together to get the community and businesses involved:

  • A Community Magazine
  • A community Auction
  • A Community Discount Card
  • A Community Discount App
  • Traditional Community Fundraising
  • & Anti-Bullying Events

We provide and promote all of these things to enhance your fundraising and keep the community engage and active year round to raise funds for your organization. Yes a year round fundraising program designed and branded for your organization. Reach Fundraising is taking fundraising to a whole new level with Community Loyalty Rewards, 

For more Information Contact Mark Braaten at 952-239-0034 or coachklipz@gmail.com